Lewitt LCT 940

Yesterday I finally went to pick out a new high end large diaphragm microphone since I've been feeling that there was room to improve the quality of the vocals I've been recording here at The Grey Brick. For about the last year, my go to mic for vocals has been the AKG c414-ULS, and before that I was using the Rode NTK. Both of those mics are wonderful and have served me well, but I have never been 100% satisfied with how they performed on vocals. The NTK has a nice brightness to it, which helps it cut through the mix, but sometimes I feel like it doesn't authentically reproduce the lower "body" part of singer's voices. Also, because of its brightness, the NTK tends to over exaggerate vocalist's sibilance ("s" sounds or other sounds that involve air moving through teeth.) Because of those two problems, I found myself gravitating towards the 414 since it has a more full body sound and a softer top end. However, this sometimes caused the 414 to have a somewhat "muddy" sound to it that has more trouble cutting through in a dense mix.

So when I started searching for a new mic, my goal was to find one that could combine what I liked about the 414 and the NTK without their drawbacks: a strong body without being muddy, and a bright and exciting top end without being harsh. That's exactly what I found in the Lewitt LCT 940. It has the body and warmth and also a great top end that really cuts through.

The Lewitt LCT 940 is a very unique microphone because it features a fully tube circuit as well as a fully FET circuit (solid state.) The tube side has the nice, classic, smooth and warm sound, while the FET side is known for being very clear and rich. The LCT 940 allows me to mix and blend these two sounds which gives the mic a lot of flexibility. In addition to vocals, I look forward to using the LCT 940 on electric and acoustic guitars, upright basses and bass amps, and toms and kick drums.

Check out what producer and engineer Bryant Siono has to say about the Lewitt LCT 940:

I'm really excited to get to use this new tool to help the artists I work with sound even better. Now, instead of starting with an okay vocal sound and making it sound good in the mix, I'll be able to take a great vocal sound and make it amazing. There are currently 23 songs in progress at The Grey Brick and this new mic is really going to help put the finishing touch on all of them.


-Peter Duff

Head Engineer