The Grey Brick Recording Studio Has Moved!

If you have been following the studio on FaceBook, or if you know me personally, you're probably aware that there have been some big changes happening for the studio and for myself. The big studio news is that The Grey Brick Recording Studio has officially moved from Walnut to the San Diego area. The main reason for the move is that I just got married and my wife is starting a job near San Diego. Last month I finally graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in music with an emphasis in industry studies (recording/production/business) and I am now going to be working full time as a freelance audio engineer and producer.

After living in the LA area for the last four years, it became clear to me that it the area is oversaturated with engineers and producers. If I wanted to work my way up in an existing commercial studio, then LA would be an awesome place to do that, but since I want to work for myself and eventually have my own commercial studio I felt as though there was too much competition and noise in Los Angeles and it will be easier for me to make a name for myself in San Diego by being a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

My wife and I have found a place to rent in Lemon Grove which is just immediately east of San Diego itself and just a little bit south of San Diego State University. I spent the two weeks after graduation moving and starting to improve the sound isolation of the new control room. (Huge shoutout to my buddy and client Tyler Ray for helping out with his truck.) I'm very excited for the new control room. The old room was 12 feet by 14 feet which is a decent size, but the wavelengths of some low frequencies are over 20 feet long, so longer and bigger rooms are definitely preferable. The new control room is a nice and spacious 14 feet by 24 feet which is over twice as big as the old room. (366 sqft vs 168 sqft.) The increased space will make the monitoring much more accurate which will make the mixes done in that room sound more balanced and consistent. In addition, I will be increasing the amount of acoustic treatment and using more effective treatment techniques to further improve the performance of the room. At the moment I do not yet have a live room set up so I will be doing tracking and mixing in the one room for now while I'm getting the new studio up and running. I'm expecting it to actually work pretty well since the new control room is also much larger than the old live room which was only about 12x18. My hope is to have a separate tracking room set up sometime in the next few months.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the artists that made The Grey Brick Studio come to life at the old location, particularly Tyler Ray, Greasy Spoons, and Good Rocky's Revolver. I will certainly miss all my friends and clients from the Pomona/LA area, but I'm very excited to make new connections and meet new artists in San Diego. I'm also really looking forward to a couple projects that are in the works, (more on those soon.)

Thanks so much for all your support and stay tuned over the next couple weeks for more updates about getting the new studio up and running, and how you can continue to support The Grey Brick Recording Studio at it’s new location.


Peter Duff

Head Engineer