New Floor

So this last week has been a little weird and a bit of an adventure. Last Friday, during that big storm that hit Southern California, I was recording some background vocals for one of my own songs when I suddenly discovered that all the carpet in the studio was soaking wet. Basically there was a huge puddle on the side of the studio outside that drained into the studio somehow. Walking around caused about an inch of water to splash up wherever I walked. So I quickly got all the equipment off the floor and then started moving everything out. The carpet was obviously trashed so that got removed. 




As much of a pain as that was, it actually worked out pretty well. Recently I had been feeling like the room might be a little bit too "dead" sounding so after airing the room out for a few days I started experimenting to find out how the room sounded without the carpet and just the raw concrete. I set up a pair of monitors and spent a long time listening to a lot of different songs. It was pretty obvious that they sounded a lot brighter and more open on the exposed concrete. I also set up the drums and did a quick recording of them just on a couple packing blankets and I really like the way they sounded compared the the results I was getting previously. Overall they were brighter, less boomy, more balanced, and the room mics sounded a lot more exciting and like a bigger space. So I decided to just roll with the concrete, I found an awesome rug to put down to tame a little bit of slap echo, set everything back up, and now I'm back in business with an even better sounding room. I also kinda like the new look. Check it out:




So who wants to come track some drums?


-Peter Duff