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Peter took our artist’s initial concepts and brought them to a next level! As a label, we are always striving to have the best sounding finished products, Peter exceeded all our expectations!
— Manic Kat Records President Pete James

"Peter was able to help take my music to new heights. When we were finished, I couldn't believe what was coming through the speakers. The studio is a great, laid back environment and the expertise of Peter Duff is a force that will drive any music into the direction it needs to go!"

-Alex Bergan

"I can't recommend Peter and the Grey Brick Recording Studio enough. Peter is a great guy and is a pleasure to work and hang out with. His studio gives him the tools he needs to make your music come to life in ways that you wouldn't have imagined yourself. In the studio, it becomes immediately apparent that Peter takes his work very seriously, while still maintaining a comfortable and fun environment. I can't recommend it enough!"

-Tyler Gill

"I was blown away by the beautiful equipment and Peter's skill.  He seriously knows his stuff and is really able to grasp what the artist wants to convey through their music.  We were on the same page throughout the entire process, because he knows what he is talking about and has the musicians' best interest in mind."

-Eliza Rose Vera

"Peter is clearly a not just a sound engineer, but also a musician & a producer. It is evident that he takes passion & pride in his work as he very diligently & professionally works to get the finished product you are looking for. If you want to get your recordings/mixes where you want them to be call Peter @ The grey brick recording studio."

-Nick Lanari

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  • Pro Tools 12.7

  • Propellerhead Reason 10

  • Plugins by UAD, Waves, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Native Instruments, Softube, SyncroArts, Celemony and more.


  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad

  • Vintech x73i (Neve 1073)

  • Universal Audio 4-710d

  • Focusrite OctoPre MkII

  • Warm Audio WA76 (1176)

  • Rupert Neve Designs DI


  • Adam A7Xs

  • Mackie MR8 MK2s

  • Avantone Mix Cubes


  • Gibson SG Standard

  • Fender Modern Player's Tele

  • Fender Highway One Strat

  • Ibanez Electric-Acoustic

  • 1958 Gibson C-1 Classical

  • Schecter CV-4 Bass

  • 1968 Conrad 4-String Bass


  • Strymon TimeLine

  • Strymon BlueSky

  • MXR Carbon Copy

  • Tiki Tone Ali’i Mele boost/drive (super rare #002)

  • 1980s MXR Chorus

  • Electro Harmonix Micro Pog

  • Empress ParaEQ with Boost

  • MXR Studio Compressor

  • Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

  • Pigtronix PGS Special Edition Creamsicle

  • NOC3 Effects Pure Drive

  • Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi

  • Mooer Mod Factory

  • Vox Wha

  • TC Electronic Sentry

  • Boss BF-2



  • Lewitt LCT 940

  • Slate ML-1 VMS

  • Nuemann KM 184 x2

  • Slate ML-2 x3

  • Audio Technica 4081

  • AKG C414 B-ULS

  • Rode NTK

  • Sennheiser md421

  • Shure SM-57 x3

  • Shure Beta 56a

  • Shure Beta 52

  • Avantone CK-1 x2

  • MXL R40 x2 (upgraded transformers)

  • Yamaha NS10 "Sub Kick"

  • The Kracken Sub Kick


  • Mesa 5:25 Express +

  • Fender '94 Twin

  • 1970s Ampeg V2

  • Peavey 6505MH

  • 1964 Ampeg Jet J-12

  • DIY Fender Deluxe Clone

  • 1980s Yamaha GIII212

  • 1980s Ampeg SS35

  • Fender Bassman 250

  • Vintage 30, C12H-90, and Mesa Black Shadow Speakers

Keyboards/Other Instruments:

  • Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano

  • Yamaha Reface CP Electric Piano

  • Yamaha Reface YC Organ

  • Roland GAIA SH-01 Synth

  • 1950's Hammond s6 Chord Organ

  • Gretsch Catalina Club four piece drum kit with Tama Starclassic snare and Sabian AAX cymbals

  • Lots of virtual instruments from Native Instruments, Propellerhead, and Waves


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Do you offer internships or have positions available?

Unfortunately we do not offer internships or need extra help.

Can you mix my song if I recorded it using software other than Pro Tools?

Yes. You just need to be able to export time-aligned WAVs of each track in your session. If you are unsure of how to do this please contact us and we can help walk you through the process. If you recorded in Pro Tools you can also just send us the entire session folder containing the session file and audio files sub folder.

What file format should I use when sending a song to mix or master?

Our preferred file format is 24 bit 44.1 kHz WAV.

Can I pay with a credit card?


Can I pay in installments?

Yes. Visit www.squareinstallments.com/gbrs for more info.

Do I pay upfront or after the project is completed?

Payment for tracking is due on the day of the session. Payment for mixing is due in full upfront. If you are working on a larger project it may be possible to split the total up into a couple payments. However, all projects must be paid in full before any final files can be delivered. 

What's your deposit policy?

A small deposit is required to reserve studio time. Deposits are non-refundable if a session is cancelled or rescheduled with less than one weeks notice. 


Other questions:   (619) REC-8070    thegreybrickrecordingstudio@gmail.com